Opinion: if you suspect a phone call from a scammer don’t commit to anything

Opinion: if you suspect a phone call from a scammer don’t commit to anything

ALAN from Waikiki came into our office concerned about scam phone calls.

He had received a phone call saying he was owed money from a pension increase and was given a phone number to call.

Alan suspected it was a dodgy number and went to Premier Mark McGowan’s office.

“A lady from Mr McGowan’s office called the number and when she said she was from the Premier’s office they hung up,” he said.

Alan is concerned residents might be conned by the calls.

According to ScamNet, many advance fee scams are initiated by telephone calls involving scammers posing as representatives from government departments, “for example offering fake grants, rebates or refunds in return for up-front payments”.

If you are in doubt about the authenticity of a call, don’t commit to anything.

Instead hang up and call the company or government department directly using their official customer service number to verify that it is genuine.

According to ScamNet, people should never use contact details provided by the caller, “instead find the number via an independent source such as a phone book or online search.”

For more details visit www.scamnet.wa.gov.au.

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