Win 1 of 85 Perth Zoo family passes

Visitors to Perth Zoo can travel the world these school holidays by following the adventure passport trail, and discover animals from all corners of the earth. Explorers are being encouraged to collect a passport at the Zoo and participate in the global adventure by matching the specially created animal passport photos with the real Zoo animals.

Photo credit: Alex Asbury

Project passport takes you on a journey around the Zoo through the steamy tropics of Asia, the wild African Plains, deep into the heart of Papua New Guinea and the Amazon, the world’s largest rainforest which is home to one in 10 known species on earth. On your journey you’ll get to know animals like ‘Bopha’ the Sun Bear who was rescued from the illegal pet trade in Asia, ‘Kaluli’ the endangered Goodfellow’s Tree Kangaroo, native to Papua New Guinea who gave birth to the Perth Zoo’s first tree kangaroo joey in 36 years and ‘Raja’ the Komodo Dragon.

Perth Zoo is also celebrating the birth of Pygmy Marmoset babies which can be spotted by school holiday visitors who travel along the Primate Trail with their Zoo passports. Perth Zoo is committed to the conservation of animals from all over the world. This includes being involved in breeding programs to safeguard against extinction whilst educating visitors about responsible tourism and the illegal trade in wildlife, which has greatly impacted animals like the Pygmy Marmoset, native to South America, which is one of the smallest primates in the world.

The Project Passport global adventure will run at the Zoo from 23 September – 8 October. The passports include a wealth of information about the animals and traveller tips. More information can be found at

Competition closes 10am 25 September, 2017.