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Wildlife Super Heroes Called for Winter at Perth Zoo


This winter, Perth Zoo is inviting visitors to join their Super Zoo Keepers in the mission to save wildlife and discover some of the super natural abilities of the animals.

In the African Savannah, under the watchful eye of their protective parents, are the Zoo’s latest new arrivals, a litter of African Painted Dog pups. Their mum, Kisuri has shown her super strength as a caring and cautious mother to the 11 puppies. With less than 6,000 painted dogs remaining in the wild, every pup born is precious.

Using his hero potential, John Lemon, Perth Zoo’s Curator Operations and Life Sciences, has dedicated his life to saving this misunderstood predator from extinction. When he is not at the Zoo, John is in Africa, working with local communities to fight poaching. In 2003 he founded Painted Dog Conservation Inc. Perth Zoo helps fund projects’ run by this organisation including anti-poaching patrols, snare removal missions and education programs.

Following the Wildlife Superhero Trail, out on the main lake or within the Asian Rainforest, Zoo visitors will find an animal that has no need for a cape. White-Cheeked Gibbons are super swingers, moving swiftly among the tallest branches. Despite their super abilities, the critically endangered gibbon needs your help. One of the main threats they face in the wild is habitat destruction across their home range of China, Vietnam and Laos. Perth Zoo is committed to gibbon conservation funding projects in Vietnam’s Pu Mat National Park to protect these small apes. The Zoo is also world leaders in breeding gibbon, helping to fight extinction.

In the Australian Bushwalk visitors can find a native animal that also needs the support of wildlife superheroes. Numbats are twice as rare as Giant Pandas, with less than 1000 of them remaining in the wild. Even with their super stripes that help them camouflage from predators, Numbats still fall prey to introduced species like feral cats and foxes. Perth Zoo’s Native Species Breeding Program Keepers run the only breeding program in the world to save these little marsupials.  They’ve released 200 of them back to the wild! A superhero effort!

During the school holidays, young visitors are encouraged to don their capes and follow the Wildlife Superhero trail to Perth Zoo headquarters. There they will get to discover more about animal superheroes and enjoy fun activities, including making their own Wildlife Superhero costume.

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