Perth’s best/worst unwanted Christmas gifts

Just be grateful they said.....
Just be grateful they said.....

CHRISTMAS is over and the last thing you need is a gifted chocolate fountain or a Dockers’ sign cluttering up your house.

Which is why the people of Perth took to Facebook marketplace and Gumtree less than a week after Christmas was over to get rid of these useless gifts.

While some people might call them ungrateful – we just call them sensible – some of these gifts are horrendous.

So you don’t have to – we’ve found the weirdest gifts people are trying to flog online.

A new unopened large leg of free range Australian ham

We feel like this is the sort of present only Homer Simpson could love.

It’s gluten-free and will only set you back $40.

Dance pole static spinning NEW

In the wise words of Nelly – I’ve got a friend with a pole in the basement.

It’s a bargain at $150.

Erotic poetry fridge magnets 

“Reveal creative parts of yourself you never knew existed”.

Just what you want to see on Nan’s fridge.

Lingerie Bras n Things 

We are sensing a theme here…. it is highly likely that anything considered “sexy” will be unwanted and sold online.

Toilet time basketball 

This is just unhygienic. But at $5 a bargain.

Motorised esky 

This is Perth – home of unusual means of transport.

But some people just prefer to walk.

You can get this esky for $450.

Shark shield 

The recipient of this gift would rather “kayak in the swan” than “surf at Cottesloe”.

So on Gumtree this went.

But at $299, we’re going to tell the seller they’re dreaming.