Funny side of music

Canning Vale comedian Matt Storer.
Picture: Matt Jelonek        d448834
Canning Vale comedian Matt Storer. Picture: Matt Jelonek        d448834

The latest comedy offering from the 21-year-old award winner is a step in a new direction for the sometimes musician and full-time comedian.

He said the 2016 Fringe Festival was the ideal time to combine music with his act, which always featured a ditty or two.

“My style is charismatic and high energy and I have wanted to combine musical comedy for a while. I am launching a new angle, I have written more original songs than I’ve ever done,” he said.

From online daters to fairy tale characters, the show has an anthem for everyone.

Inspired by comedians such as Perth’s Tim Minchin, Dylan Moran and Demetri Martin, the WA RAW Comedy 2014 winner said those used to his style of comedy would enjoy his shift behind the keys.

“The piano music is very much akin to the stand-up I do. I think if people like that they’ll like my musical comedy,” Storer said.

“If this works for me – and I think it will – I will develop it and hopefully take it over east,” he said.

The journey to touring comedian is not far-fetched for Storer, who has performed in London and featured at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

“(Performing overseas) makes you realise you are a big fish in a small pond; so many people go to Edinburgh,” he said.

“It is the Mecca of comedy and I want to go again.”