THE new year will herald an end to long-unfulfilled pledges to regenerate Bentley, according to new Bentley Community Focus (BCF) chairman Frank Lanza.

The Bentley-resident and former City of Canning council hopeful said since his December appointment to chairman a line had been drawn beneath the BCF of the past and with consultancy and community engagement the $700million regeneration project will finally get off the ground.

BCF is a not for profit organisation which brings together local residents with community organisations, local and state government and key stakeholders in the area.

The regeneration project between the Housing Authority and the City of Canning would eventually be a central hub with housing and shopping precincts and ample community space.

As a first step towards regeneration of the precinct, the Housing Authority undertook substantial renovation of Brownlie Towers between 2005 and 2010- but the project has lay largely dormant since.

Mr Lanza said there was still plenty to do and getting the community reinvigorated ahead of the changes was his top priority.

“When you have been promised something for six years and you hear nothing but neglect you start to think things won’t happen,” he said.

“I’ve lived in Bentley, I’ve seen it all… Bentley is not today what it was yesterday (upon completion) Bentley will be swish, this is the biggest regeneration project in Australia.”

Mr Lanza said he had enlisted the help of Victoria Park MLA Ben Wyatt and Federal MP Sue Lines and met with council employees and the Housing Authority and believed ground was set to break after the financial year.

He said he would eventually liaise with Mason Ward councillors Jesse Jacobs and Ayse Martli.

“I am looking to see what we were promised it’s one of many reasons I am involved in this project,” he said.

New four to six weekly meetings were another way to involve the community.

“These will be open meetings, and I encourage the community to come down, the dates and locations will be published ahead of time,” Mr Lanza said.