Canning Community Alliance against City of Canning and City of Gosnells merger

The City of Canning will no longer exist under local government reform.
The City of Canning will no longer exist under local government reform.

THE Canning Community Alliance (CCA) has reacted with sarcasm and swear words to news the City of Canning would merge with the City of Gosnells under local government reform.

CCA co-ordinator Bill Prince was ‘flabbergasted’ with the boundary changes and said all he could see in State Government plans was the same ‘bovine excreta’.

The Alliance has been campaigning for Canning boundaries to remain unchanged.

Local Government Minister Tony Simpson announced the Local Government Advisory Board’s recommendations for reform in Parliament on Wednesday.

Canning Commissioner Steven Cole said despite pleas to remain a standalone council, the City would work within the framework to ensure the best outcome.

‘The City will be considering the impacts of the new boundaries on the provision of services in those areas that will be taken over by other local government authorities,’ Mr Cole said.

‘In particular, the City will be working to ensure that the services historically provided, including aged care, disability services, youth services, leisure services and waste management services, are not adversely impacted by these changes.’

The new City of Gosnells will be home to about 180,000 people, making it one of Perth’s largest councils by population.

Mr Simpson has previously said 100,000 people was a good size for a local government and that 250,000 was too big.

‘There will be a reduction of more than 100 elected members and 10 chief executive officers, producing estimated savings of more than $20 million for allowances and at least $30 million in CEO package over the 10 years,’ Mr Simpson said.

Changes will happen on July 1, 2015.

The temporary council names will be changed after the October 2015 local government elections.

The essentials
– The City of Canning will be split across four neighbouring councils.
– About 60 per cent will go to the new City of Gosnells.
– Rossmoyne, Shelley and parts of Willetton and Riverton will move to the City of Melville, and parts of Welshpool to the City of Belmont.
– Parts of Wilson, Bentley and Welshpool will join an amalgamated South Perth and Victoria Park, forming the City of South Park.
– The new City of Gosnells northern, northwest and western boundaries will now be Orrong Road, Leach Highway and Vahland Avenue respectively.