ATO figures show $32m in lost super

This figure was made up of 4000 lost accounts, with the average value of $8000.

People in the Rossmoyne area had lost track of $11.4 million in super and residents in the Beckenham region, which includes Cannington, had lost $23 million.

Welshpool has 2000 missing accounts valued at $14 million.

Deputy commissioner for superannuation Alison Lendon said the ATO had a new online program ” SuperSeeker ” to help residents find their super.

She said 1.9 million Australians had an average of $8368 waiting to be found and claimed.

‘You can register online to view all your super accounts, see details of any lost super accounts or super the ATO is holding for you and arrange to transfer it to your preferred super account, using a simple online form,’ she said.

‘What’s more, if you are making a fund-to-fund transfer, it will generally now only take three working days.’

Since May 31 last year, any lost superannuation of up to $2000 has been transferred to the ATO, which will hold this money until it is claimed.

The ATO will also pay interest at a rate equivalent to the Consumer Price Index.