Australian Christians candidate for Tangney wants to ‘restore Australian values’

Australian Christians candidate for Tangney John Wieske.
Australian Christians candidate for Tangney John Wieske.

AUSTRALIAN Christians have announced John Wieske will contest the Federal seat of Tangney at the July 2 election.

It is the second time Cardup-based Mr Wieske has stood for the seat, having secured 2.26 per cent of the vote in 2013.

Mr Wieske said he chose to stand again as a means of providing the electorate a choice over the two major parties and restoring Australian values.

“In a short sense, I’m giving people another choice of voice than the two major political parties,” he said.

“Australian values have been eroded at the hands of the two major parties.”

Mr Wieske said since he was announced as the candidate last week he had been approached by Tangney residents concerned over the politicisation of marriage equality.

“The main question I get is about the marriage bill, it’s a question I get everytime,” he said.

“I am particularly concerned over Safe Schools and homosexual marriage…I am passionate about family and a passionate follower of Jesus Christ.

“The things that drive me is the bedrock of society; the importance of family and the home.”

The father of 11 said he was equally passionate about housing affordability and said he would draw on his experience in building and construction

“As a builder I can bring that professional understanding to parliament,” Mr Wieske said.

Mr Wieske said he hoped to deliver Christian values to the electorate and to Canberra.