Bowling club lease extended

It comes after club management claimed Canning council would not renegotiate a lease after the club accrued debts around $150,000 after years of mismanagement.

Club president Linda Landers said she was glad to see a month-to-month lease on the table and would push for a five-year lease for the building at a meeting with Canning administration.

She said a long-term lease would enable the club to secure financial sponsorship and instil new business initiatives to make money for the club.

“Monthly is difficult, any business has highs and lows but we are endeavouring to improve,” Ms Landers said.

“We have made positive changes to the club… whether we get a lease – periodical or anything else – it doesn’t mean anything to them. It’s just a number and we want five years.”

In a letter addressed to Ms Landers, lawyers for the City said in order for the club to establish a lease the club must prove it is solvent and viable going forward.

Ms Landers said she was looking forward to proving the club would meet the City’s criteria.

“We have been given room, and we’ve implemented changes,” she said.

Taking on a family-friendly Australian Poker League licence would help the club earn enough to pay back a debt within a year.

But a lease would need to be guaranteed, she said.

Canning chief executive Lyn Russell has previously said the council would work with the club so long as it was at the premises.

Last week, Ms Russell said the land was classified under the town-planning scheme as a civic and cultural area and a draft civic precinct master plan identified the site as a long-term development site suited to community use.

“The draft plan is yet to be endorsed by council but takes into account that the current building is close to the end of its useful life and the site has significant community importance,” she said.

There was no intention to change the sites classification. “Any proposed future development would require significant public consultation and a subsequent council decision,” she said.

Ms Landers said a family fun day on April 17 aimed to introduce the wider community to bowls.

A Save Our Club day was held recently at the club. It was attended by councillors Jesse Jacobs, Christine Cunningham, David Brown and Mayor Paul Ng.

Ms Landers said there was a reasonable turnout, but a family focussed event next month would focus on drawing a wider section of the community to the club.