Brentwood homeowner feeling pinch as property valuations use two-year-old figures

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HOMEOWNERS may be feeling the pinch like Brentwood’s Paul Green, with property valuations applied July 1 based on two-year old figures.

Mr Green said the Gross Rental Value (GRV) on his land was also pushing up water charges and the emergency services levy.

“Everyone knows rents have been falling heavily in Perth, so how could my GRV go up and effectively push my council and water rates even higher when surely it should have gone down?” Mr Green said.

“The fact is that my rental was empty as at July 1, 2017, and in the middle of July I finally signed up at tenant at the market rate of $335 a week.

“That’s $17,400 per year and 19.4 per cent lower than the GRV that the Valuer-General GRV has kindly determination for me as at July 1.

“That means I will be paying 19.4 per cent too much for water rates and council rates and charges for the next three years on an assumed GRV that I could never achieve in this economy and rental market.”

A Landgate spokeswoman confirmed GRVs were calculated every three years in the metropolitan area, because it is more cost-effective.

The GRV this year applied from July 1 has a “date valuation” of August 1, 2015.

“All properties in the 30 local government authorities that make up the Perth metropolitan area have the same date of valuation,” she said.

“To date, Landgate has received no formal objections to gross rental values from City of Canning property owners.”

She said councils and other organisations use valuations provided from the Valuer-General to determine their own charges, based on their own calculations.

Mr Green noted the Valuation of Land Act 1978 section 22.1 which said general valuations should at all times be accurate and up-to-date and shall be made, so far as practicable, every financial year.

The City of Canning has noticed an increase in calls regarding property valuations and any objections were referred to the Valuer-General’s office.

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