Call for violence plan

Cannington-based charity Communicare is campaigning for a �whole of family� integrated response to FDV following the release of a report by the Centre of Innovative Justice.

Communicare chief executive Melissa Perry said the report explained the need for a national plan and collective response to intervene at the source of the problem, otherwise victims would remain at risk.

�Women and children must continue to be the priority. However, we also need an increased focus on perpetrator accountability, increased capacity to provide a range of family and domestic violence interventions, and integrated responses where both victim and perpetrator responses work collaboratively,� she said.

Ms Perry said the report indicated family violence was the most significant contributor to death, disability or illness in women aged 15-44 years.

Communicare offers several men�s behaviour change programs, which focus on holding men accountable for their choice to use violence against their families.

Ms Perry said the programs, including Breathing Space and Safe at Home Domestic Violence Outreach, provided men with skills and strategies to move towards non-violence.

�Communicare feels strongly that increasing the availability of programs that remove, monitor and rehabilitate the perpetrator is an essential component of a national, holistic and integrated response to family and domestic violence,� she said.

Department for Child Protection and Family Support director general Emma White said FDV crossed every race, religion and socio-economic group.

She said it was not always possible to intervene at the onset of violence because most FDV went unreported.

The Women�s Domestic Violence Helpline is free call 1800 007 339 and the Men�s Domestic Violence Helpline is free call 1800 000 599.