RIVERTON MLA Mike Nahan urges Coles to reconsider demolition of High Road Hotel

Riverton MLA Mike Nahan.
Riverton MLA Mike Nahan.

RIVERTON MLA Mike Nahan has urged Coles to reconsider its proposal to knock down the High Road Hotel to build a supermarket and liquor store.

With the City of Canning powerless to act, as no zoning changes are required, Dr Nahan is campaigning to retain the popular Riverton bar and eatery.

Dr Nahan said he had contacted Wesfarmers managing director Richard Goyder and Coles managing director John Durkan to encourage them to reconsider, given the strong community concern.

‘The High Road Hotel means a variety of things to different people; some enjoy a pint there after work, some enjoy watching the cricket with friends and some enjoy going for a meal with family,’ he said. ‘It is clearly evident that there is a strong community connection with the hotel, and if it was removed, I believe that it would be a sad day for the Riverton community.’

Coles owns the 361 High Road site, which has been home to the hotel since 1962.

Dr Nahan said he believed a peaceful grassroots campaign would be the most effective way to seek change.

‘I believe the public must be willing to compromise, as there is no legal or political method in which we can prevent or alter the Coles proposal,’ he said.

‘Many would recognise the hotel is in need of renovation, so I believe it would be acceptable for Coles to include a new High Road Hotel as part of redevelopment plans.’

A facebook page, The High Road Hotel Saving the High Road, has more than 3200 ‘likes’. Online petition, Save the High Road Hotel From Demolition, directed at Coles has reached about 1150 signatures.

Tanya Woosnam, spokeswoman for the group campaigning to save the hotel, said they hoped to stop Coles by the sheer weight of people standing together to oppose the construction.

‘History will be lost, the community will suffer having to travel much further for a simple social drink and meal with friends and family at a pub,’ Ms Woosnam said. ‘They need to look at the people not the profit.’

A Saving the High Road Hotel community meeting will be held tomorrow, Wednesday, November 26, at the Riverton Leisureplex from 7.30pm.