Canning peddles prospect of bike and helmet share scheme

Canning peddles prospect of bike and helmet share scheme

PEOPLE may soon be able to enjoy a ride around the calm waters of the Canning River on a share bike.

Councillors at last month’s ordinary council meeting voted for City chief executive Arthur Kyron to investigate the establishment of a bike and helmet-sharing scheme for Canning.

A report is due to council in November that will include information on best practice, technology solutions to enable bike sharing and identification of potential partners to establish the scheme within the City.

Cr Jesse Jacobs said he was inspired to put forward the idea to council after a recent visit to Joondalup, where a new bike sharing trial had started.

“A bike sharing scheme could make it easier for people to combine different modes of transport together, such as using a bus and bike for a trip,” he said.

“I think it has great benefits for utilising our cycle ways.”

Cr Jacobs said technology might enable people to use their smart phones to pay for the hire of share bikes, as well as unlocking and locking them at stations.