Canning unveil long-term waste management vision

Canning unveil long-term waste management vision

CANNING council has laid out a long-term vision for waste management after they unanimously approved the City’s first Strategic Waste Management Plan (SWMP).

The plan outlines the City’s vision to be one of the state’s leading local governments in sustainable waste management through 2030 and beyond.

The SWMP focuses on reducing of environmental impacts by minimising waste generation, diverting waste away from landfill and increasing recyclable material through improved separation, collection and processing.

As part of the SWMP, the City will focus on research, innovation and improving community education, with the first three years of the plan focusing on building a foundation.

Canning Mayor Paul Ng said the recently announced Bin Education Program was part of the SWMP and they had already witnessed an improvement in waste behaviours.

In just a fortnight, the City had seen an average increase of 18 per cent in the number of correctly filled recycling bins across all participating suburbs, with some suburbs increasing the number of recycling bins containing correct items by up to 40 per cent.

“We’ve received positive feedback from residents about the program, with some even waiting out the front of their houses for our Waste Education Officers to inspect their bin so they can learn how to improve their own recycling,” Mayor Ng said.