Canning Vale author releasing book to help high school students tackle exams

A new book aims to help students master exams.
A new book aims to help students master exams.

A CANNING Vale author is offering up study skills and tips on how to beat the high school blues in her new book.

Christine West is about to release Think Savvy, Revise Smart, a guide to help year 11 and 12 students tackle exam stress and devise study strategies.

Ms West said she had researched neuroscience to help write the book and she learnt the importance of keeping yourself healthy to aid your studies.

“Exercise makes the brain grow, you get more neurons in your brain; sleep is really important, your brain consolidates on your learning and cleans itself, which keeps the toxins out,” she said.

“If you have the right strategies, put them in early, you look after your health, you have a positive mindset, year 11 and 12 isn’t as daunting for either students or parents as sometimes it seems to be.”

The book is split into three sections, focusing on how brains work, study timetables and exam techniques.

The former teacher, whose two children have just finished high school, said it was vital to develop an effective study strategy and suggested students should adopt a positive mindset, eliminate distractions and most importantly start preparations as early as possible.

“The number one thing is start early; your brain really needs time to learn,” she said.

“Instead of leaving it to the last minute, you really need to start early and then give your brain breaks in between; that helps build a neural scaffold.”

Think Savvy, Revise Smart will be officially launched at Paper Bird Bookstore in Fremantle on February 24 at 12.30pm.

Part of the proceeds will be donated to The Smith Family and Smiling Mind.