Canning Vale cyclists Michael and Sarah Warr doing Pipeline Challenge to raise money for The Nest

Michael and Sarah Warr.
Michael and Sarah Warr.

NEARLY 190 young mums in WA were turned away by support program The Nest due to demand last year, so Canning Vale cyclists Michael and Sarah Warr are encouraging people to rise to the Pipeline Challenge and raise much-needed funds.

The Pipeline Challenge takes place from Kalgoorlie to Perth over five days from May 5 to 9.

Riders include teens and teachers from Youth Futures who take to the red dirt tracks to raise funds.

Erica Blaney, of Youth Futures, said The Nest supports expectant mums and teen parents who are homeless or living in conditions unsuitable for raising a baby, for example where domestic violence is present.

“Over 18 months or less, young mums are provided with the accommodation and support they need to stabilise their lives and plan for a brighter future,” she said.

“While the main aim of the program is to allow young parents to maintain custody of their baby, mums are also supported to develop parenting, financial, and independent living skills that will help them thrive and care for their family.

“In 2016-17, 33 young parents and infants were supported by The Nest,” Ms Blaney said.

All retained custody of their child and all infants reached the relevant developmental milestones.

Mrs Warr said the Pipeline Challenge was no ordinary bike ride because participants learned more about Youth Futures on the journey and saw teen riders flourish.

“You see them grow so much when they are on the Pipeline,” she said of the often shy participants, who go on to learn new things and come out of their shells.

The Warrs will ride as a duo and they even took their children, aged nine and 14, during their first Challenge.

“It’s not just the bike ride but helping other people at the same time – it has so much more meaning in it,” she said.

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