Canning Vale Primary students decorate cow as part of learning about dairy industry

Canning Vale Primary Year 4 student Ella McGoldrick.
Canning Vale Primary Year 4 student Ella McGoldrick.

CANNING Vale students unveiled a dazzling cow at the Cannington Exhibition as part of Dairy Australia’s Picasso Cows presentation day.

Canning Vale Primary School were one of 80 West Australian schools to decorate a large white plastic cow as a means of learning about the dairy industry.

The Picasso Cows program aims to help primary school children learn about where food comes from, the health benefits of dairy foods and the importance of the Australian dairy industry and challenges them to paint a life-sized, fibreglass cow according to one of three themes, documenting their learning along the way.

Picasso Cows was developed in accordance with the Australian Curriculum and is supported by a range of free hard copy and online teaching resources. The 12 week program is a platform for students to transform a blank-cow-‘canvas’ into an impressive dairy-related work of art while learning about the health and economic benefits of the dairy industry.

While the class students missed out on the grand prize, their delightful bovine creation will delight the school for years to come.