Canning’s costliest crash sites

cnr of Albany Highway and Liege Street.
cnr of Albany Highway and Liege Street.

The intersection recorded 172 crashes, ranking it the most costly to the City of Canning. The figures also show that 29 people were either killed or hospitalised due to crashes at the junction.

Three of the top five intersections for crashes were along the Albany Highway.

Leach Highway and Welshpool Road (158 crashes), Bannister Road, South Street and Ranford Road (154 crashes), Albany Highway, Wharf Street and Carden Drive (151 crashes), and the Albany Highway and Cecil Avenue (119 crashes) rounded out the top five.

Cannington Police Station Senior Sergeant Gavin Radice said cameras could be the solution to intersection crashes.

‘Evidence will show that there is a decrease in reported crashes at intersections with a red light (speed camera) because drivers are being more cautious, knowing that they will receive a fine through the post if they get flashed,’ he said.

‘It is not feasible to have these types of cameras at every intersection, so drivers need to have the same attitude when entering any intersection.’

The intersection crash statistics show the combined cost of crash damage between the top five intersection amounted to $24,134,499.

Most crashes recorded were rear end collisions and during wet weather.