City of Canning adds two electric cars to fleet

One of the new electric cars.
One of the new electric cars.

THE City of Canning has added two electric vehicles to the council’s fleet.

Mayor Paul Ng said the Renault Zoe was fully electric, with no tail pipe fumes or emissions, and the cars cost $44,000 each.

Perth artist Jade Foo covered each car with plants and animals that can be found within Canning, including bobtails, red tail black cockatoos, galahs, numbats, possums, oblong turtles, bottle brush, wattle and kangaroo paw.

“The City of Canning is on an ongoing journey towards more sustainable processes and has joined the ‘Cities Power Partnership’, pledging to reduce emissions associated with our vehicle fleet and support the uptake of electric vehicles,” Mr Ng said.

“The City’s new electric vehicles will not be missed when out on the road, so keep an eye out around Canning for the two brightly coloured cars.”

Visit for more information about the City of Canning’s sustainability initiatives.