City of Canning alters Riverton Leisureplex hydrotherapy pool availability

Riverton Leisureplex. Photo:
Riverton Leisureplex. Photo:

THE City of Canning have made another change to the availability of the Riverton Leisureplex hydrotherapy pool, with therapy users set to benefit.

Baby and toddler swim classes will no longer take place in the hydrotherapy pool after 3pm on weekdays.

The pool will continue to be shared between the public and baby and toddler swim classes during the morning.

On Friday, the City announced shared access of the hydrotherapy pool would re-commence between 4.45-6.15pm from February 13 onwards, allowing the general public to use the pool at the same time as baby and toddler swimming classes.

However, they have since altered the pool’s access over concerns the shared concept would not work.

The City had trialed the shared concept last year, but Mayor Paul Ng told The Canning Times in December feedback from customers determined shared use of the pool was not conducive to the needs of therapy pool users or baby and toddler swim classes.