City of Canning in push to widen Shelley Bridge

City of Canning in push to widen Shelley Bridge

THE City of Canning will push for the widening of Shelley Bridge to become a State Government priority following the scrapping of the Roe Highway Stage 8 project.

Councillors unanimously voted to support the renewed push to see the long-mooted bridge-widening project become a reality.

Councillors Ben Kunze and Partick Hall, who put forward the motion, said Shelley Bridge was a congestion chokepoint in the City of Canning.

“As one of the major transport links going through the city, and with no plan to remove vehicles from Leach Highway, we believe the City of Canning needs to advocate to the |new government in an effort to make the widening of Shelley Bridge a priority project and assist the movement of vehicles,” their motion said.

“Failure to address this will see current traffic issues worsen, which will provide economic, social and environmental problems for the City of Canning and its residents.”

Cr Kunze said the congestion over the bridge added time to people’s commute times and resulted in other problems, such as “rat runs” in the nearby suburb of Wilson.

“We need to advocate for projects that positively affect our residents and help people commute through our City,” he said.

“It would be fantastic if the City stood up and nominated this as a priority project.”

Cr Patrick Hall said that with the cessation of the Roe 8 project the City had an enormous opportunity to play a role in trying to expedite the bridge-widening project.

He said he would also like a bike path built to link the Shelley foreshore to Centenary Avenue and across to the eastern foreshore of the Canning River.

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