City of Canning joins bid to ban plastic bags

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THE City of Canning will join other local governments to support a State-wide initiative to ban single use plastic bags in WA.

At last week’s ordinary council meeting, Deputy Mayor Lindsay Holland called on councillors to support the WA Local Government Association initiative to end the use of plastic bags across the state.

Cr Holland said plastic bags had become a contentious issue, with thousands ending up in waterways, parks and streets.

“The damage they do to wildlife is well known,” he said.

“Plastic bags have been |directly responsible for the deaths of fish, birds and landbased animals through ingestion and entanglement causing restriction of mobility.”

He said the ban on single use plastic bags had worked well in South Australia, the Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory.

“Some of the City’s larger commercial enterprises have already banned the use of plastic bags, such as Bunnings,” he said.

A City report said Australians used more than four billion plastic bags annually (10 million every day) and it was estimated to cost governments, businesses and community groups more than $4 million per annum to clean up littered plastic shopping bags.

“Plastic pollution and in particular the use of single-use plastic bags is an issue in the City of Canning as they pose a threat to the riverine ecology of the Canning River – single use plastic bags have the potential to blow or be washed into the river system,” it said.

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