City’s future vision unwrapped

City’s future vision unwrapped

Canning Commissioner Linton Reynolds said the City’s vision was to create a high-energy City Centre with a community heart that was connected, accessible, vital and resilient.

He said Canning already had a City Centre location, but for commercial and other reasons, it had not yet been developed.

The Structure Plan was released on June 20 and will stay on display for 42 days for public comment. Residents can view the CCCSP on the City of Canning’s website to make comment.

The City Centre designs include parks and open spaces linking Cecil Avenue from the Cannington train station to the Canning River.

‘The launch of the structure plan will produce a City Centre that brings new energy to the south-east corridor of Perth,’ Commissioner Reynolds said.

‘Our vision is for Cecil Avenue to become a vibrant new retail strip with alfresco dining, generous shaded footpaths, bicycle lanes and public transport.’

Canning chief executive Lyn Russell said the plan would bring economic benefits to the area with growth in housing and economic development.

‘By 2031, Canning City Centre has the potential to accommodate more than 20,000 residents, 10,000 homes and 10,000 workers,’ she said.

‘Ultimately, this will be a place for people, so we really need the community to tell us what they want in the City Centre.’

In a recent ordinary council meeting, Commissioner Reynolds endorsed the CCCSP, which has been developed to guide the strategic Metropolitan Regional Centre under State Planning Policy 4.2.

After the comment period, possible changes will be made to the plan.

The CCCSP will then be presented to council before it goes to the Western Australian Planning Commission for final approval.