‘Cult’ dangers

TIMES have certainly changed for the worse since I passed my driving test 47 years ago.

Some parents seem to be knowingly contributing to their child’s possible demise when he or she takes control of a motor vehicle after passing their driving test.

There appears to be an almost “cult following” among males around us driving without P-plates displayed and, I believe, this may also apply to their mates.

As they live at home, their parents obviously condone this.

This action is unlawful and uncaring (by parents) and as they are a party to this, they are abetting the crime committed by their child.

There is nothing macho in crashing a car without P-plates displayed (the worst scenario is death).

P-plates tell other road users that the driver is inexperienced.

Much has been said recently about Multanovas serving no useful purpose. Perhaps then some of our police need to be freed to do licence checks, starting with students at school and colleges.

Would this not be more conducive to saving lives on our roads, especially our newest (P-plate) drivers?

ERIC MOORE, Canning Vale.