Demerit point for all call

Demerit point for all call

Peter Palamara said there was a need to introduce demerits for speeding offences up to 9km/h over the speed limit.

He said the current system did not make sense, as research showed going 5km/h over a 60km/h speed limit doubled the risk of a crash.

‘Without a demerit point for that level of speeding you have a situation where drivers can continue to speed and it not affect their ability to drive in the future because there are no points associated with it,’ Mr Palamara said.

‘The other point is that on a double-demerit point weekend, that sort of speeding behaviour is exempted because there are no penalty points attached to it and that’s a poor thing because we are trying to be consistent about speeding.

‘Let’s get some consistency; penalties should reflect the risk of crashing associated with that sort of behaviour.’