Dennis Jensen back for a fourth term

Yesterday’s figures from the Australian Electoral Commission showed the two-party preferred figures resulted in 64.6 per cent of the vote going to Dr Jensen, with ALP candidate Luke Willis gaining 37.7 per cent.

There was a 3.33 per cent swing against the Greens and first-time party Palmer United gained 4.4 per cent of the Tangney vote.

Four per cent of votes in the Tangney electorate were informal, up .5 per cent from the last federal election.

The first preference results were:

Dennis Jensen, Liberal, 40,197 (57.4%) +1.72% swing;

Luke Willis, ALP, 17,113 (24.4%) -1.36% swing;

Peter Best, Greens, 7116 (10.16%) -3.33% swing;

Wayne Driver, PUP, 3060 (4.4%)

John Wieske, Australian Christians, 1841 (2.63%); and

Stephen Carson, Rise Up Australia, 693 (0.99%)