Don Randall found dead in car

UPDATE: PRIME Minister Tony Abbott has paid his condolences to Canning MP Don Randall’s family after he was found dead in his car yesterday.

“Don was an outstanding local member. He was a passionate and persuasive advocate in Canberra and a hardworking community leader in Western Australia,” he said.

Mr Randall was first elected to the House of Representatives as Swan MHR in 1996.

He was elected as the local member for Canning in 2001 and re-elected in 2004, 2007, 2010 and 2013.

“Don made a fine contribution to the Howard Government and particularly to the Coalition during our years in opposition,” Mr Abbott said.

“He was a mentor to many and integral to the success of our Party in the state of Western Australia.

“It’s hard to credit that this strong voice for Western Australia and servant of our Party has left us so soon.

All his colleagues will mourn his passing and honour the contribution that he has made.”

Police and St John Ambulance were called to a car on Club Drive in Boddington yesterday where they found 62-year-old, Canning MP Don Randall dead.

WA Police are investigating the death but said it does not appear to be suspicious.

Tributes have flowed from within the Liberal Party.

Friends from the Labor party called Mr Randall a “decent bloke”.

He was also well liked by WA politicians on both sides.

On of Mr Randalls last political acts was to launch the new Bridging the Gap Green Army Team in Yarloop.

A byelection is expected to be called for Mr Randall’s seat of Canning in the future.