Drive to cut crime

Driving instractor Norelle Butcher and Sergeant Warren Ameduri [Community engagement]
Driving instractor Norelle Butcher and Sergeant Warren Ameduri [Community engagement]

Miro Driving Academy in Kenwick, whose instructors travel throughout the metropolitan area every day, has put its mileage to good use by joining Eyes on the Street.

The WA Police intelligence gathering system, managed by the Crime Prevention and Community Liaison Unit, partners police with local and state governments, businesses and security officers.

It gives employees free training and resources to record and report information about suspicious activity, which Crime Stoppers processes and distributes to police.

They receive branding showing they have done the training, such as bumper stickers, intended to make potential offenders rethink.

Miro strategic operations manager Eugene Wong said he signed the company up after seeing the logo.

‘As driving instructors, we have a lot of manpower circling the suburbs,’ he said.

‘We can always have a look and notice anything going on that doesn’t feel right.

‘I want to get other driving schools to realise this and participate as well.’

Eyes on the Street co-ordinator Warren Ameduri said people who went about daily routines in public always noticed certain things, and the program taught them what to look for and why.

‘We want them to have a way to tap into what they’re seeing,’ he said. ‘Sometimes just one piece of the puzzle is missing for police.’