East Cannington resident wants council to help turtles cross the road

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Stock image.

“WHY did the turtle cross the road?” was the question on Kimbel Roke’s lips when slammed on the brakes 3am on April morning to avoid hitting a slow-moving reptile.

Mr Roke was just north of Hamilton Street on Sevenoaks Street travelling to Spudshed when he spotted the shifting shape in his headlights, believed to be an adult oblong turtle.

Mr Roke will be at tonight’s council meeting to raise his concerns for the welfare of turtles in the area, given there is development nearby.

As a start, he’d like to see a tunnel under the road prevent turtles from using the roadway to cross.

“I care,” he said.

“I saved ravens from getting electrocuted outside my house in Bentley by asking for spikes to be put on the power poles to stop birds pecking the wires.”

Mr Roke now lives in East Cannington and while he regularly makes early morning trips to Spudshed, this was the first time he’d encountered a turtle during his drive.

But it’s enough to make him take action.

“Otherwise we’re going to have turtle soup there,” Mr Roke said.

This isn’t the first time the City of Canning has been notified of turtle encounters in the area, with Mr Roke referring to a letter by Paul Auguston sent to the chief environmental officer regarding a drain infill proposal in April last year.

The city has been contacted for comment.