Federal Budget: outgoing member for Tangney Dennis Jensen slams his party’s ‘nothing budget’

Member for Tangney Dennis Jensen. Picture: Facebook
Member for Tangney Dennis Jensen. Picture: Facebook

FEDERAL member for Tangney Dennis Jensen has slammed the Coalition’s economic strategy as disgraceful after the release of what he called a “nothing budget” on Tuesday.

Dr Jensen, who was not endorsed by the Liberal Party to run in the seat in the expected coming election, said the Coalition could no longer be considered a financially conservative party.

“This is a nothing budget; the Coalition has been in for three years and we have been spending more than Labor did, it is a disgrace,” he said.

“Basically it is more of the same… in terms of economic management I can’t say the Coalition is better than Labor.”

Dr Jensen welcomed the changes for small business owners, but said the national economy needed a taxation overhaul.

“The hard work on reform is not being done, tax needs decent modelling to see where rates should be,” he said.

“In some ways if you drop a tax rate you could get greater investment which would more than compensate for the drop.

“There is little being done to address the debt, despite heroic assumptions about growth.”

Dr Jensen said the Government was taking the electorate for granted.

“Our employer is the electorate, not the party,” he said.

“Our democracy is in trouble, there is no one in leadership within either party with big ideas, both sides are bipartisan unless they can get political attention by taking an opposing side to be played like political football.”

Dr Jensen said the Western World had become disenchanted with a two-party system, citing the recent presidential primaries in the United States.

“In America we have a septuagenarian socialist in Bernie Sanders who is really appealing to young people and Donald Trump, there is dissent against political parties… voters are fed up, they just want someone real,” he said.