Funds for projects despite uncertainty

– The Riverton Leisureplex will get $1.1m for a geothermal bore, which will heat the aquatic centre and produce significant energy savings.

– There will be $1.105m for upgrades to aged-care facilities.

– Upgrades to infrastructure include Welshpool Road ($1,409,450), Kewdale Road ($742,476), Sevenoaks Street ($1.8m), Bannister Road ($565,500), Nicholson Road ($460,000), Manning Road/Lawson signal upgrade ($640,000), resurfacing ($2,118,500) and traffic management initiatives ($930,000).

– An allocation of $400,000 has been made for technology upgrades, including the development of a new website and there will be $279,000 for expanded community events. This will include the continuation of the Canning world arts exchange, which will feature performers from India next year.

– Other initiatives include a $250,000 revolving fund for sustainability initiatives and $350,000 for playground upgrades, with matched funding from the Federal Government.

Mr Reynolds outlined that a rate rise was necessary to maintain and improve on the City of Canning’s infrastructure and services.

‘The 2013-14 budget reflects a go forward attitude at the City of Canning, with a number of important infrastructure upgrades going ahead,’ he said.