How to vote: with an election likely on July 2, find out how to vote

WEST Australians will likely go to the polls to vote in a double dissolution election on July .

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will advise the Governor-General to dissolve both houses of parliament and to call an election after the Federal Budget is handed down on May 3.

The trigger came after the Federal Senate failed to pass Australian Building and Construction Commission reforms for a third time.

A double dissolution is a procedure permitted under the Australian Constitution to resolve deadlocks between the House of Representatives and the Senate.

If the conditions – or trigger – are satisfied, the Government can request the Governor-General to dissolve both houses of Parliament and call a full election.

All positions in both houses will be up for re-election.

Earlier this year the Senate passed changes to voting methods for electing senators in each state, meaning voters will now number at least six boxes above the line and at least 12 below the line.

This method is known as optional preferential voting and will mean parties and groups can no longer register Senate Group Voting Tickets to direct preferences, as they have been abolished.

The method of voting on the green House of Representatives ballot paper has not changed – every box must be numbered in order of the voter’s choice.

To register to vote for the first time or to update your enrolment visit the Electoral Commission.