International Colleges Culinary Competition will see teams from around the world head to Perth

Josh Chen, Max Kim and Denis Boulet are preparing to take their skills to the international stage.
Josh Chen, Max Kim and Denis Boulet are preparing to take their skills to the international stage.

CULINARY teams from the USA, UK, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Taiwan will descend on Perth next month to compete in the International Colleges Culinary Competition.

The nine-day event, hosted by South Metropolitan TAFE’s Bentley Pines Restaurant, will see students compete for the title of International Culinary Competition Supreme Champion.

Portfolio manager for hospitality and culinary arts at South Metropolitan TAFE Bernhard Staggl said it was exciting to welcome these teams to Perth.

“This is the first time Australia has hosted the competition and we’re thrilled to be the venue of choice,” he said.

“The competition is a great opportunity for us to be able to network, communicate and exchange ideas with each of the international colleges attending.

“It helps us learn more about the hospitality industry abroad and it showcases a variety of international skills and techniques to everyone involved.”

South Metropolitan TAFE lecturer and chef Denis Boulet will head up Team Australia along with students Seungyun (Max) Kim and Jian-Shian (Josh) Chen.

The team has been training one-day a week for the last eight weeks, in their own personal time, in order to perfect their competition dishes.

“Each of the dishes we present at the competition must highlight local produce and ingredients, whilst conforming to strict guidelines” chef Boulet said.

Wilson’s Mr Kim said he was looking forward to the event and the experience it would provide.

“I’m really excited about the competition and the opportunity I have to take part,” Mr Kim said.

Mr Kim, who is employed at Crown Perth’s Merrywell said real-life experience would help the ‘pressure-cooker’ competition environment.

Mr Kim said he is passionate about the menu chef Boulet has created for the competition and he is looking forward to highlighting Australia’s unique tastes to the world.

“I don’t want to give away too much but I will say that our dishes are really exciting and I’m looking forward to plating them up for the judges on the night,” he said.

International teams will touch down in Perth on Saturday 25 June 2016.