Keeping Lynwood beautiful

Kicking off this week, the seven days are dedicated to raising awareness about what communities can do to reduce their environmental impact and encourage action.

Bannister Creek Year 1 teacher Alice Lilly said the entire school community was involved in several environmental and curriculum-based programs.

‘Besides classroom lessons about clean and sustainable environment, students are involved in ongoing environmental and sustainable activities such as the school’s Waste Wise Program, which is based on principles of rethink, re-educate, reduce, reuse and recycle,’ Ms Lilly said.

Students are also involved in Garden Club where they maintain, plant, harvest, cook and eat the produce grown in the sustainable garden.

Wrap-free Wednesday, a worm farm and mulch bin are other environmental initiatives the school is involved in.

Ms Lilly said Keep Australia Beautiful Week and other environmental programs could be transferred from the school environment to students’ home environment.

‘Maintaining a clean and healthy environment is vital to achieving the school’s ethos and vision of providing excellence in education and learning environment that is safe, positive and stimulating,’ Ms Lilly said.

‘The students learn and practise the skills and knowledge to keep the environment clean at school and at home.’

Have your say: What things do you in your home to help maintain a clean and healthy environment?