Lease relief at last for childcare centre

Lease relief at last for childcare centre

President Lindsay Holland said it was a huge relief for everyone at the centre and parents could rest easier knowing the centre had a long-term future.

‘It’s been a long journey but we got there in the end, much to our relief,’ Mr Holland said.

‘It’s a not-for-profit centre, it’s ridiculous it took so long.

‘We run this centre for the good of the community.

‘I want to particularly thank Linton Reynolds for bringing it to fruition and helping us out as soon as he came on board.’

Mr Holland said client and customer services executive Tania Trengove and corporate services executive Andrew Sharpe from the City of Canning had also been a great help.

Mr Holland met with the Department of Communities and Local Government and signed the licence last Tuesday night.

‘It is a very popular centre, we have a huge waiting list for next year and for 2015,’ he said.

‘We are currently at 96 per cent occupancy, which is unheard for a childcare centre such as this.’

Mr Holland said he had had a long-running struggle with the previous mayor over a grant to renovate the kitchen at the centre.

‘They would not renew our lease which meant we couldn’t access the grant to fix the kitchen, as the Health Department had asked us to,’ he said.

‘They (the council) were being obstructionist, secretive and gave us no reasons for not renewing the lease.’

The kitchen renovations have been completed using the $132,000 grant.