Lynwood couple still laughing and loving after 60 years of marriage

Anne and David Harris with their poodle Chi Chi. Picture Emma Geary
Anne and David Harris with their poodle Chi Chi. Picture Emma Geary

LYNWOOD couple, Anne and David Harris still exude an enthusiasm for life together after they celebrated 60 years of marriage on April 23.

The pair, whose conversation is peppered with laughter and merriment, married in England when they were just teenagers aged 17 and 19 respectively.

Originally from Lancashire, they came to Australia 47 years ago looking for better opportunities for their two young children.

“We met at the cinema. Anne was going out with her friend Gwen and I was going out with my friend Bill. Bill and I met these two girls. I married Anne and Bill married Gwen.”

Mr Harris, a decorator, eventually set up his own business. He said the secret to their long marriage was “a give and take attitude” as well as having their own interests.

Mr Harris’s hobby is repairing clocks while Mrs Harris loves her garden.

Mrs Harris, who was an A-grade badminton player, suffers from scoliosis and arthritis.

“I admire Anne’s tenacity with the problems she has with her back, ” said Mr Harris

Mrs Harris said her husband loved a laugh. “He is very good. He does all the cooking now. I think you all have your differences. You just have to tolerate them.”

The couple have two adult children – |daughter Denise is a nurse at Royal Perth Hospital and their son David is teacher in Thailand.