Mark McGowan Plans to Boost WA Jobs

State Opposition Leader Mark McGowan
State Opposition Leader Mark McGowan

WELSHPOOL was the backdrop for WA Labor to talk jobs yesterday.

Citing youth unemployment and increased Tafe fees, Opposition Leader Mark McGowan said his party had strategies to boost WA jobs through specialised skills training.

“We have 12.7 per cent youth unemployment in Western Australia… It’s time we did something more about it,” he said.

Mr McGowan pledged more opportunities for apprentices on State Government projects and major private sector projects.

He said Tafes would become major training centres, linking employers and the training sector in metropolitan and regional areas in order for employment diversity.

Mr McGowan skirted questions he had jumped out of the gates early ahead of a potential 11-month campaign trail, saying WA Labor had been strategising since the last election.

“We have been working hard since the last State election and we will continue to work hard until 6 o’clock on the night of the election next year,” he said.