Mayor keeps election promise to slash sitting fee

CITY of Canning Mayor Paul Ng fulfilled his pre-election promise to halve his mayoral sitting fee.

The Salaries and Allowances Tribunal said a mayor can ask the administration to cuthis or her salary without the decision having to be approved by council.

Cr Ng campaigned to stop rate hikes, perceived inefficiencies and reduce staff costs.

Cr Ng said he was unaware of how much he would be paid, but estimated it to be around $52,000.

“I can’t even remember if they have paid me yet or not and the finance department knows that they are only to pay me 50 per cent,” he said. “To be very honest I don’t even know how much the mayor is entitled to.

“That money belongs to the people, to the council, so the council should save the money.”

Cr Ng also said that a recent State Government announcement of new guidelines for registering of gifts aligned to the City of Canning’s existing stringent gift register.

All councillors and employees must declare gifts above $50.

The mayor said he took the register further and declared most things given to him in his civilian and mayoral capacity.

“A friend of mine who came from overseas and has nothing to do with the council bought me a cheap bottle of wine and I declared that too,” he said.

“I think everything should be declared.”

He said the move was important for transparency.