Mayor Paul Ng defends salary decision

Cr Ng has come under fire after he cut his $46,350 attendance allowance by 50 per cent but kept the full $87,550 mayoral allowance, after he was elected in October.

He told voters he would cut his salary by half in flyers sent out during the election campaign.

“I honestly believed salary meant the attendance allowance fee,” he said.

“I did that because I wanted to create a psyche of restraint and I believe, in a short period of time, that cost cutting measures are starting to come through.

“I told the Canning Times on September 22 that I would halve my sitting fee, by which I meant the attendance allowance.

“Most people do not know about or understand attendance fees and allowances.

“So I wrote salary on the ballot paper because you only have 150 words and I thought it would simplify it for voters.

“Now it has come back to bite me.”

He said the mayoral allowance was to cover the day-to-day expenses.

“I do believe that to be fully able to undertake my duties of mayor at the City of Canning, with the dignity of the office, the allowance is essential,” he said.

“I, unlike any mayor, have taken a reduction in my attendance fee, and I sincerely believe the Canning community will see the benefit of my commitment and dedication.”

Cr Ng believed he had proved his credentials by refusing to buy an expensive mayoral car.

“Under the entitlements, a mayor is allowed to have a car worth up to $60,000 but I said no,” he said. “I wanted to buy a Camry worth $8000 but they said it would not be proper for me to attend official functions in an old car.

“So I drive a four-and-a-half-year-old pool car from the City.”

Cr Ng could face some tough questions at tonight’s council meeting but said he was prepared.