Measles scare for Canning residents

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THE City of Canning has issued a warning to residents that a person infected with measles could have spread the disease in local public areas.

The person infected with measles visited the Cannington Leisureplex and Cannington Library on Thursday, October 27 between 9.45am and 10.35am.

Patrons visiting these centres at this time could have been in contact with the infected person.

Contact refers to sharing the same air as someone while they were infectious with measles, or being in the same room as them.

If the infection is transferred it can take measles seven to 21 days to develop which means affected people may not be in the clear until November 17.

While measles immunisation is a scheduled childhood vaccination, those with weakened immune systems could be susceptible.

Those diagnosed with measles, or showing symptoms are urged to not attend public places or use public transport and to see a doctor.

When making appointments, patients should call the surgery ahead to alert them of their symptoms so they can be assessed safely without infecting other people.

If you have measles, call Metropolitan Communicable Disease Control in Fremantle during business hours on 9431 0200 or 9328 0553 after hours.

Further information can be found at:

What is measles?

Measles is a highly infectious acute viral illness.

It can be a serious infection in small children, people with chronic diseases and adults.

The first symptoms of measles are fever, runny nose, sore runny eyes and cough. The rash starts later.