National Walk Safely to School Day on this Friday

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WESTERN Australian kids are being urged to do something positive for their health this Friday May 19, by getting behind National Walk Safely to School Day.

Now in its 18th year, National Walk Safely to School Day is an annual event that encourages school kids, parents and carers to walk to school.

Many Australian kids are failing to get their basic level of physical activity in a day, according to Active Healthy Kids Australia.

Guidelines state children between five and 12 should do “60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day”.

Active Healthy Kids Australia co-chair and researcher Dr. Natasha Schranz said National Walk Safely to School Day is the perfect chance to instigate a change.

“Finding ways of making physical activity a part of children’s regular routines is the easiest way of systemically tackling the problem,” Dr Schranz said.

“The comparisons clearly show that kids move the most in countries where being active is a priority or is an integral part of their everyday lifestyle.

“In Zimbabwe … over 80 per cent of children use active rather than motorised transport to get to and from school, and the Netherlands of course has a deeply ingrained cycling culture.”

For more information on National Walk Safely to School Day, visit the website.

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