Negotiations stall over uni parking

After a backlash to recent changes, Curtin University reversed its decision to charge for parking during the 2015 exam periods, allowing students to park on campus free.

However, students were slugged for parking during study weeks before exams.

Unhappy with the outcome, Curtin Guild president Jason Giancono created a Facebook event in protest, calling for Curtin to stop charging during non-peak periods. More than 1000 people clicked �interested�.

Mr Giancono said the Guild would continue to protest �unfair� changes until a fair system was introduced.

�Right now, for many students public transport just isn�t an option and that doesn�t look like it will change, with plans for light rail to Curtin being postponed,� he said.

�In the long term, I would like to see better public transport coming to Curtin and a fairer parking system based on need, opposed to who can afford it and get there first.

�Many students have expressed to me that they are upset with what they perceive as �revenue raising� and �using student�s as cash cows�.�

Curtin University corporate services vice-president Ian Callahan said the university was changing its parking system in order to meet State Government objectives which imposed a limit on parking bays.

�Our aim is to introduce paid parking throughout the year so we can fund viable alternative and sustainable transport choices to ease traffic congestion around Curtin and surrounding communities, and make access to Curtin easier for students and staff,� Mr Callahan said.

�The university decided to give students free parking during exams in 2015 as part of this transition.�

He said all-year paid parking would be fully implemented in 2016.

This year there have been more than one million vehicles parking on the Bentley campus.

The university uses income from parking to subsidise public transport to the campus and to operate the Curtin local area bus service.