No cause for celebration

Mark Dacombe.
Mark Dacombe.

Mr Dacombe said the failure of a democratic institution was no cause for celebration and the inquiry had been a long process.

‘An elected Council and chief executive officer, working together in partnership, can achieve extraordinary results with and for the community,’ he said.

‘I have experienced such working relationships in the past where community outcomes were the focus.

‘It was a huge disappointment to me that the relationship and focus didn’t reach that level at Canning, for reasons that have been well-documented.’

Mr Dacombe said there were lessons for other governments to learn from the Canning experience – some indentified as recommendations in the inquiry report and others held by participants.

‘It is now over two years since the first inquiry commenced,’ he said.

‘It is good to have the matter put at rest.

‘All communities deserve high quality governance.’

After the Department of Local Government inquiry into the operations of the council and executives, barrister Christopher Kendall completed a second inquiry recommending the council’s dismissal.