One migrant’s story

Taku Scrutton. Picture: Marcelo Palacios          d435441
Taku Scrutton. Picture: Marcelo Palacios         d435441

From Zimbabwe, Taku Scrutton moved to Australia 13 years ago to study architecture.

Unable to afford her uni fees, she started an African T-shirt business.

Finding success, the now 32-year-old promotes African culture in the wider Australian community.

The inspirational speaker is launching a crowd-funding campaign to print an illustrated book for 8-12-years-olds.

Titled Multicultural Me, it is hoped the eight-verse poem will help initiate conversations amongst young people.

�I have found that the children keep asking the same questions – how do I make friends, how do I show my friends what my life is like at home, how do I explain where I have come from,� Ms Scrutton said.

�I decided to write this book as a gift for the children I speak to.

�When I speak at a school assembly it’s fun and exciting for a little bit then they go back to class and may forget what I say.�

Ms Scrutton said by writing the book, the key message of friendship and acceptance, written by a migrant, could be treasured for longer.

�I believe there is a great need for more multicultural representation in politics, the media and the arts,� she said.

�More people with migrant backgrounds need to share their stories and experiences as that just makes us a richer community.�

To pledge support to get the book published, visit multiculturalme.