Pest wasps caught early

European wasps are identifiable by their black antennae.
European wasps are identifiable by their black antennae.

Friends of Queens Park Bushland found the European wasp nest on New Year’s Day and notified the Department of Agriculture and Food (DAFWA) to arrange its removal.

City of Canning chief executive Lyn Russell said the work done by groups such as Friends of Queens Park Bushland significantly helped the City maintain and monitor the natural environment.

“In this case the group has successfully identified and reported a European wasp nest, which will help to protect WA from colonisation from this dangerous pest,” she said.

Welshpool is a known hotspot for the pest due to its high volume of interstate freight.

European wasps are often transported into WA by trucks travelling from eastern Australia, where the wasp is established.

They can be identified by their black antennae.

The wasps also nest in the ground.

DAFWA has destroyed 11 European wasp nests in the City since November.

It is considered the world’s worst social wasp and has the potential to become a major pest in WA.

Through a European wasp surveillance program, DAFWA has successfully eradicated incursions and prevented establishment in WA.

If you see a European wasp contact DAFWA immediately on 1800 084 881.

Also notify the City of Canning on 1300 422 664.