Plane noise trial shot down by Air Services Australia

Dennis Jensen.
Dennis Jensen.

Dr Jensen lodged a formal complaint against the decision two weeks ago.

The trial aimed to provide night-time respite to some residents in the Tangney electorate from aircraft departing south using runway 21 between 10pm and 5am.

At the time, ASA said an environmental impact survey found there that more rather than fewer people would be affected by aircraft noise if the changes went ahead.

Dr Jensen said he was disappointed with ASA�s lack of community consultation and communication.

�I read them the riot act; they can�t just go ahead with the lack of consultation,� he said.

�There was a period there where they had abysmal communication and as MPs we were promised that stage was over and we were going to be informed of developments and that wouldn�t happen again, and now unfortunately it has happened again and we�ve been dumped on again.�

Dr Jensen said it appeared ASA canned the trial because of community pressure building against it.

�It appears as though they were spooked, so what do we want? A situation where he or she who shouts loudest gets the best response or are we actually going to make decisions that are based on very rational, reasoned and analysed policy,� he said.

He said he wanted to see the trial reinstated.

�I will be pushing very hard to get them to reinstitute the trial; all the background work had been done, the trial just needed to go ahead for it to be determined whether it was a successful way of alleviating aircraft noise,� he said.

�It�s not as though it was a permanent change of flight paths.�

A spokesman for ASA said there was ongoing commitment to reducing the impacts of aircraft noise. ASA had considered 31 noise improvement opportunities since 2010 and would implement 10 this month.

�Following a decision to not proceed with a proposed flight path trial for night-time departures to the south of Perth Airport, we have had representations from various stakeholders,� he said.

�We are now conducting a further review and will have more to say in the coming weeks when this review is complete.�