Proud Leeming dad watches daughters receive bravery awards after home invasion

Zara, Piper and Sydney Midgley.
Zara, Piper and Sydney Midgley.

WATCHING his daughters receive bravery awards this month was a proud moment for dad Adam Midgley.

Just months earlier, the family defended its home against a violent home invader, leaving Mr Midgley with a fractured eye socket and his three children terrified.

In the early hours of the Queens Birthday weekend, Mr Midgley woke to the family dog barking.

After going to investigate the commotion, Mr Midgley was met by a tall man, holding a screwdriver.

“Instead of exiting the house, he went down the hallway towards my daughters rooms,” Mr Midgley said.

“I went after him and he clocked me in the face with a screw driver, but I kept wrestling with him on the floor of my daughter’s room and finally subdued him until the police arrived.”

Mr Midgley’s 11-year-old daughter Zara was still in her bed and witnessed the horrifying take-down of the intruder.

“The guy was totally out of it,” Mr Midgley said.

During the fray, 12-year-old Sydney herded her other sister Piper (11) to the bathroom and locked the door, calling police who arrived shortly after.

All three girls were recognised for their bravery at a ceremony at St Norbert College in Queens Park, where the girls attend school.

Mr Midgley said seeing the girls receive recognition was an important part of moving on for the family.

“All of the girls were affected by the burglary, they haven’t liked to be left alone, but we are slowly getting back to where we were,” he said.

The perpetrator was arrested that night and has been remanded in custody since; Mr Midgely said the family hoped the incident was behind them.

“We have beefed up security at home, something like that had never happened to us before.”