Punjabi festival for all: Smarter Than Smoking Basant Festival

THERE will be something for everyone at the inaugural Smarter Than Smoking Basant Festival, according to organiser Muhammad Salman.

Mr Salman runs So Change, an organisation that serves as a ‘one stop shop’ for newly arrived immigrants to find their feet in Australia.

With a passion for multiculturalism, Mr Salman began to develop another way for people from around the world to interact and the local Basant festival was born.

In India, the kite festival is held in January or early February to mark the beginning of spring.

“Basant is a Punjabi festival for spring and we fly kites, play cultural music and dance,” he said.

“Our plan for the festival in Perth is to put on multicultural performances.”

With plenty of fun and colour guaranteed, Mr Salman said 100 stalls were already booked and he was expecting to see more than 1000 people go through the gates over the course of the day.

The inaugural Basant Festival will be held at Curtin Stadium in Bentley on October 17 at 11am.

Entry is free.