Residents flock to Bentley forum

The forum delivered updated timelines and information about new community facilities, retail and commercial uses, transport, and sustainability.

The 25 hectares in Bentley surrounding Brownlie Towers will provide for at least 1500 new homes, under the City of Canning and Department of Housing’s (DoH) draft plan.

The DoH and the City were both pleased with the turnout and interest from the community.

Department of Housing strategic projects manager John Savell said they were able to obtain valuable feedback from residents.

This included strong support for the relocation of the Community Garden and a Men’s Shed. Upgrades to parks and open spaces were dubbed pivotal and residents also showed strong support for the inclusion of medical services.

‘All feedback will be taken into account, with ideas incorporated into future development plans,’ Mr Savell said.

‘The Department and City of Canning are committed to developing the 25 hectares surrounding Brownlie Towers, and believe that it will provide long lasting benefits to residents in both Bentley and the surrounds.’

A formal structure plan will be submitted to the City on Canning on July 15, 2013 for approval. The plan will then be open for public comment for 48 days, while it is considered by the council.